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these are the kind of events I crave…….





I LOVE the way they serve their treats in the cute little cones on the resin tray!!!    I LOVE the curtains and the fabric they made them from!!!   I LOVE the funky trees that you see when you enter the space!!!  I just LOVE and wish I could have some events like this!! 

you can find more pictures here

and I found this event first, here


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be falling asleep here tonight…………….

first, I would take this door (remove the knob of course)


then I would take this nautical rope

nautical rope

oh, and I should mention that I would seal my door in marine varnish after I make the holes for the corners…..

then I would have Maggie make me a super fat and cozy padded “mattress” covered in this great Indoor/Outdoor fabric from Calico Corners.  (and today I am lovin that it is called Indigo)


maybe I would have her make me some fun pillows and a neck role too, she is soooooooooo fabulous!

then I need a crisp clean sheet that has been hung on the line and maybe a crisp clean light down white comforter



I have a few old large trees in my backyard, I would then promptly lay down and feel the beautiful warmth of the sun and the wonderful whipping wind on my face as I took a lazy nap.    mmmmmmmmm

think this:  but different

swinging bed

a girl can dream!!!

swing picture here  other photos from flickr……

an update for those of you who have asked:  Chemo treatment two over today, and she will be having a rough week, but then looking forward to a good week next.   thank you for your continued love and support!!!

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uber chic!

The spaces these designers create are perfection, designed with such modern professionalism. 


brinkworth3brinkworth4okay, well, clearly these might be the smallest blog pictures on earth, so take a few minutes to go to their site to see what I am talking about.  here

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nothing says summer like these fun products from Cath Kidston…




such pretties for a picnic!

cathkidston3If I had one of these wonderful first aid kits, I might trip myself.    wink.


and this laundry bag is my favorite style of a grad gift…..  I can have it monogrammed and it is a lovely thing especially for a young lady to bring her laundry home from college in.

now if you are ready to see some other fun stuff, including her own line of laundry soaps, handbags and travel accessories, go here.

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rebeccacolecelebrating my mom today and this entire weekend, and all of my friends who are moms, (some of the best moms I know), and my friends who may not be “moms” but are moms in love and body and spirit, and of course my friends who are soon to be some of the best moms I know.    All my love!!!

Happy Mother’s Day!

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Okay, I am sorry but…….., I LOVE that terminology, it makes me smile and the gardens that represent it, are just art, and they give me peace, so here is a little more…..



and then a large “container garden” for my backyard……………….imagine how breathtaking it could be, now I need to dream about a water feature to go with my dream backyard…….

containergardensif you would like to find more delightful pictures?     here

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Today Kara shared with me a new terminology. It means:  if you would like a gorgeous container garden,  you need a thriller, a filler and a spiller.   LOVE that terminology!!!!!  

So with that in mind…….I am looking for ideas.

One of my best friends (Lisa), has lived in a lot of places and because of that, I get to visit her in most of those places (go St. Louis!!!)  Love that!!!  In Seattle, she took me to this fabulous store!!!  Ravenna Gardens, OH how I loved that store!!!   So, I am thinking of that fabulous store as I begin to be inspired for my outdoor spaces.   ravennagardens


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