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all about me

I know, I haven’t been here much lately and when I am, it is all about me.   sorry.    Just have lots on my plate at the moment.   And now trying to put a little character (with not much expense at the moment) into a really “new” home.     So, I thought it was fun to find these at West Elm and am debating them as they really “work” with my previously blogged about dining room chairs.  Maybe we could use them in Hudson’s room?

poufsFrom Jayson Home and Garden,

LOVE these rug pillows!!!!

rugpillowsI can’t use these anywhere, but love them


Now, I have posted on one of these before, a beautiful red one and nobody knew where to get it……….I  LOVE this!!!!  I know, wierd, right?  but I think I could start a collection of these (african headdress collection)


and then this, would be stunning……   LOVE it.   a Suzani bedcover


okay, so I got way far away from inexpensive…………sorry.   I digress.  🙂     Be blessed this wonderful and snowy again weekend!!!


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first of all, sorry I have been swamped and so…….no posts.   forgive me?  thanks!!!

Today I picked up half of our new living room set, Robin is off to get the other half.   As much as I tried, I couldn’t get the store to keep the pillows that go with this set, or exchange.  In my opinion, they are AWFUL, or at least NOT ME.  My husband disagrees and actually quite likes them (even though he despises leopard print)!   So, he suggested I put it to a vote on my blog, hoping that some of you might take pity on him and vote for them to stay.   Can you all help me here?????????   thanks.


see, now this is the beginning of our new dining room, and it is more me. 


thank you all for your support!!!!!

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Thom Filicia

I happened upon a book of Thom’s lately that I just was super happy to find some inspiration in, so I checked out his site, you might want to also.

I find him elegant and chic, but with a new perspective on style, using some of our favorite materials in a edgy way……………  (please remember, I am new to this flash site copy thing, if you feel you need a microscope, I am SORRY)filiciagrameroomfiliciabathroom2


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40 and blessed

madhattercake2photo courtesy of google


So,  yesterday(Valentine’s Day) I turned 40.   I don’t feel a day over 39, that is for sure.   wink!

With Valentine’s Day, I have been super busy at the shop.   I had anticipated this birthday to be a much bigger deal, so I am humbled to say that it really wasn’t.   It was just another day.   I sat in my tattered sweatshirt (that is dog hair acceptable), watching True Jackson with the kids having some spaghetti.  The love of my life far away on business.   And there I sat on what is supposed to be the most romantic day of the year and what was to be a life-changing birthday, feeling sort of whiny and then I was reminded of how blessed I truly am.  I have been blessed with a guy who I LOVE to walk through life with………whom I adore……….and who adores me………we have two children we LOVE and adore, an overflowing future………………

and what reminds me of this?  I am certain you have all heard of them………..they are everywhere in the blogworld……I think everyone knows somebody who knows them or has helped them in some way…………..their love is inspiring and therefore, a wonderful Valentine tribute…….  If you haven’t checked them out, do…and Praise the Lord for their love, their faith and their healing.


Mr. and Mrs Niels0n, their love and faith:  truly amazing, truly inspiring


a blog entry by Mrs. Nielson



A work in progress.

I am off to surgery folks.
I will be enjoying that delish hospital food, maybe (if i get super lucky) a catheter and a lot of shots. I will miss Miss B. coming over to rub my back.
Mr. Nielson will stay at home and make sure Jimmy wont poop in the house. The kids are coming to live “full-time” with us at the end of the week. In celebration, Mr. Nielson bought the us a new beautiful up-right piano. None of us can play it. He can whip out a REM song and I know “Heart and soul” (but who doesn’t). Looking for a teacher to teach us all. It was delivered to the house while I was plopped on a couch feeling extra sorry for myself.
The beautiful mahogany wood looked so memorable in the sun’s rays.
And for a minute, I was happy.
I thought about good times to be had in the distance of my life.
Mr. Nielson tucked me safe and sound into bed that night. 
Mindy was singing softly in the background. My eyes welled up as he pulled me close to him. “This is only temporary…you are a beautiful work in progress” Then he lay next to me and when he thought I was asleep, he patted me and said
“girl, I love you”
Then up got to put away the dinner dishes.
This brought tears to my eyes, as I thought about all they had come through, all they have endured, and all of the lives they have touched and will continue to touch.  It reminds me that age is important only if we are wasting it.   I am super grateful for all I have and super excited about all I purpose to be.   
A huge thank you to all of you who have called or emailed your love!!!  thank you!!!!
Hope your weekend was fabulous.

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valentines and love

please………..I beg you……encourage your significant others to seek floral arrangements that are creative.  Say no to baby’s breath, carnations, and red roses……………   unless of course…..you LOVE them.   



flowers do not have to be fancy, or expensive, but they should be your favorites, or simply stunning, or super interesting…..maybe fun?   creative.

colecreatespictures courtesy of marthastewart.com   and   colecreates.com   

Love will possibly follow……

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If you haven’t heard of Liberty and it would be surprising to me if you haven’t, then here is a glimpse.   (you will love it!)

I would love this on the wall in the dining room:  (okay, I would love this pretty much anywhere!!!)

mirrored-panelunderneath it, this would be perfect


tables and chairs



this next item, well, I am just checking to see if anyone is paying attention????????  as it doesn’t really go in this room, but I think it is super cool!!!


back to my real dream…..and because I am dreaming, I want two of these for my dining room


on the wall, just before entering the dining room, this art would be a great hint of what is to come….


or this……




I love Liberty!!!!

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cool, right?   (and I don’t just mean the cheesy play on words kind of cool)

Guess what else?   There are super cool dishwashers to match!!!   LOVE them.


check them out here – Big Chill

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