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Miss Bailey

I have wanted Bailey to have “the perfect” room for quite a long time, but time just passes.  I am about to get to work for real on this as, we don’t have a lot more time with her in our home.   So here is a start……..a few things, I know she will LOVE….

baileybeda Ballard Design Tufted Bed

baileyrugher rug

baileymirrorraashI really only meant for the mirror in the top right from Rachel Ashwell, it will be perfect for her room.

I would love to do a fabulous hand-embroidered monogram duvet, linen colored with chocolate brown thread.

baileychasea zgallerie chase, also tufted!   the coolness!!!

well, I have more in my mind, but must go to bed!!!   looking for a really cool mirrored side-table, would love to find a dark walnut really chunky dresser………some lighting, not sure yet.   maybe more later, but feel free to give your input……


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Okay, thanks to my friend Lisa, here are some more pictures of her fabulous gift!!
lisa1this was filled with goodies!!!  I am not sure what I will make with them yet, but I know my heart raced when I opened it.


If I told you I bought this at Anthropologie for $139 you wouldn’t be surprised, would you?    nopers, a gift from Lisa,  (you might have a future here)


now, this combines my love of toile and birds………..    cool beans!!!   and on burlap!!   THANK YOU Lisa,   I love them all…….more another day.

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this is no crewel joke…..

I have been inspired this year by embroidery.   I LOVE it.   So I found this fun site and if you too, like embroidery, check it out.  


the crewelness…………….crewelbeautiescrewel2crewel3crewel4I can’t resist,   aren’t they crewel??????      now, imagine this,  what if you were SUPER talented and you could put your talent to this duvet?

ralphlaurenI think it would be “this minute”!   happy day.

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one step for mykind…..


img_0264I have a wonderful friend, Lisa……who loves to give gifts that are extremely thoughtful.   This year we met in Omaha for Silver Bella and we had so much fun.  We took two classes from a fabulous person, Rebecca Sower, that inspired me.  I am a self-described simpleton and LOVED the little packages of necessities (and extras)   that Rebecca would give us for our class.  They were like little gifts, so Lisa gave me a big one, filled with super fun creative tidbits!!!   What a perfect gift!   seriously!!!  good job Lisa!!!   Now, I took pictures of the inside too, but can’t figure out how to get the rest of the pictures on here.  I am not even sure how I got the first one.  So until I can, trust me,  FUNNESS!!!!   Lisa also gave me books of instruction, a beautiful bird that she sewed herself, and if you knew her, you would understand, that is a GIFT!   She also sewed art onto the giftbag  and some cutouts for me to be creative with, and if that wasn’t enough, she made me a beautiful Anthropologie worthy piece of art.   I will post the pictures later, but now you know just how special Lisa is!!!   lots of love Lisa!!!!  thank you.        


now, I will get back to you with pictures after mykind gets schooled.  🙂

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So, haven’t updated much, but the remodel is getting near the finish.  Many of you know that we are adding a coffee shop in to our existing flower/home decor/furniture shop.  So, the kitchen has been a chore, as I like warmth and wood and pretty.  Well, none of that is approved by the health department.  We pretty much have stainless steel, very hospital chic.  So I am thinking I would like to add a wall graphic for some sort of personal stamp in the room.   I am thinking I would like a chocolaty brown branch that reaches across the back wall, maybe a funky bird if I can find one.   So if you find anything, let me know…….here are some things I have found so far…..

cherryblossomthis is inspiring…..not liking the color addition or really the flowers, surprisingly.  I want it very simple.

I like these for the bathroom……brown though, of course

poppiesthese are from    http://www.stickhet.com

these are cool, not the colors of choice, but we can change that.


because I am so frustratingly ignorant!!!  I can’t post pictures from this site, but check it out, there are some cool ones, I like the corner twig one, but of course, chocolate….     http://wallstickers.ie/en/rosliny/a/1/560-galazki-narozne/

Thanks to the family, we have a printing company available to us, so I might have to come up with something totally different…..  got any inspiration?  post it in the comments, or for those of you who seem to be comment phobics, email me.   kgray@bloomstudio.us       happy and blessed day to all!!

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more tub dreams………



Santa is not here yet………..   I have not yet received my bathtub, and no camera as of yet either.  I did receive word that the camera is coming, and I happen to know that “Santa” is busy working on my bathtub as we speak….   Just to prepare you though, the tub I believe is coming is not going to look like the Hand Polished Empire tub (which I LOVE) at thebathworks.com    (thank you for bringing this site to my attention Brooke, my new friend at Velvet and Linen, if you haven’t already checked her out, DO!  at  http://brookegiannetti.typepad.com/  you will love her)    but, I do know that any tub will be better than my tub.  Did you know that if I wanted to scrub my ankles in my tub, I would need to stand up?   and if I wanted to reach my belly button, I would need to lay on my face with my knees bent up in the air, and say I wanted to soak my shoulders, well than I must lay flat with my head under water and my knees bent up in the air and my feet on the wall.   I apologize about the visuals, but seriously!!!   I am probably the only person you know that makes hotel reservations for a bath.   🙂   So, what my tub looks like, is a mute point as long as I can soak in her!!    mmmmmmmmmm  the dream continues

Okay, so I know you are probably tired of baths, so this will be my last tub post until I get my camera and tub and can take a picture of my own.  🙂        Happy Day my friends!!!

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