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Piet Boon


it is not a fancy house I need, it is the sun, and to be near this water, so pure!!





can you imagine these lights in the evening?  


a true princess room…….and bathroom to follow………


Piet Boon is ultra modern, very upscale design from the Netherlands.  He has some really beautiful children’s furniture, but lot’s of fun things to check out.  And the water, ohhhhhhh,  you should just go to the site because you feel warmer just looking at the beaches!!!


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I could rest here!

domino2this could work too.


I LOVE this kitchen island!!!




good night Domino!  Thank you for a lovely time.

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Jessica Alba’s kitchen


  I think this is creative, kind of masculine.  I think my husband would think it was great!


This is a cozy design!    I think I would like a real art piece here rather than this painting, even though, I think they did an awesome job.


I think this is a great idea.   Kristen Bell’s dog bath out in the beautiful sunshine.  

If you would like to see some more interesting photos, check out Kari Whitman here.


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Life is busy this week!!!  Looking for some art for the shop, what do you think?



and then some fun rugs…..



kind of a fun, modern site……….. they have some great pillows too, you might want to check them out here.

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kenneth brown

I really like Kenneth Brown’s upscale cozy taste.  You might check out his blog

kennethbrown2now, this look up above, is not fancy, not overwhelming, just simple, pretty, livable.  I really enjoy the artwork and the pillows!

kennethbrown3I love the feel of this room.  The wood table and the wood built-ins are gorgeous.  I love the textures of the rug and the window treatment.  The leather chairs are just unusual, but they work.  I am not a big fan of the mirror in this room, I think I would like something more classic, but I just find this room interesting.

kennethbrown4The cozy comfy chair with a lovely Ikat fabric, and I like the  mix with the beautiful wallpaper.  (flowers make a room!!)  


I LOVE the art here.   The light fixture is great.  The rest of this room is so crisp.

I enjoyed Kenneth’s journal postings, it is fun to see the real side of people.

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newlatteI know that was a cheesy play on words that has been overdone but, I couldn’t resist.   Thanks to the Health Inspector and the Building Inspector, we will open for lattes on Monday.   I have a ton of things to do in the next two days.  Know I will be checking you all out when I get home at night for some inspiration.   I hope somebody posts something.   Also, thanks to all of you who sent such wonderful messages regarding our 100th post.    Happy Weekend and Happy Australia Day to all of you fellow bloggers in Australia.   🙂

pictures: http://www.latteart.nl/fotos_gallery.asp

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100th post!

Firstl, some great children’s rooms!!


I LOVE the art, Love the rug, Love the beds with the adorable bedding!!!   



kidsrooms3I just think this is cool!!!      from New York Interior Design


Secondly,  I just wanted to say thank you to all of you who visit me.  This is so much fun, but it makes it all worthwhile when you guys share your thoughts.

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