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bird brain

Okay, I couldn’t resist the cheezy post title.  But, there is nothing cheezy about these super cool items from Etsy.


find super cool ring here


I don’t know why?  I just think they are cute!!!   find them here


I think this is adorable, would LOVE a wall painted like this with a scripture in a nursery!  

find these invitations here


this would be great for my daughter for her bookbag!! (small books)  find it here


bird out….


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Pia Jane Bijkerk

just another gifted person……………..


    you should see the food shots, makes you hungry!!!  

                                                               find them here

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Tag, I’m it!!!

I was just tagged by the lovely, soon to be “the adorable little mrs.” Rachel from Dwellings and Decor.  I am to post one interior image that encompasses my design style.  I chose a room from the wonderfully talented Tim Clarke.  I LOVE his style and this room just exudes my interests.   I love the casual chic of the blinds, with the gorgeous fabric window treatments.  The floor!!, need I say more…   This room just is earth meets graphics, with a little modern edge, LOVE that!coastal_modern-5Picture found here

Now, I am guessing that I get to take a couple of my favorite bloggers too………so although I would like to ask all of you, I don’t think that I can so I will pick a couple of you.

Shannon Fricke

Seleta of Simply Seleta 

Brooke of Velvet & Linen


Jen of The Cottage Nest

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Once upon a time (as a matter of fact, 17 years ago today, March 26) I was out with my roommates at Moose Mcguillicutty’s in Honolulu.  I happened to notice across the room a young man watching me, and so I would periodically check across the room and he would be looking at me(one could argue that I was looking at him)  after hours, he got up and came to me and said, “Excuse me miss, could you tell me the time?”  He walked me home that evening and we sat along the Ala Wai Canal until the sun came up, learning everything we could about each other.  As the sun rose, he walked me home and offered his hand to shake to say good night.  I met my best friend that evening, the one which I would get to walk through life with, grow  with, adore and be adored.  We married exactly one year later.  I am honored to be loved by you.

i LOVE you Huck Finn.    Happy Anniversary.           


I am soooooo grateful you are mine and I am yours my handsome one.



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and then with graduation coming, isn’t this a lovely idea for a college bound young lady….(a laundry bag)

beachdwellinglaundrybagfind these and more, here.

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Windsor Smith




I just love how peaceful this room is! 


I could live with this minimal, beach chic existence.

Now, all that and a beach kitchen!!


To visit Windsor Smith

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You all most likely heard that Barbie had a birthday.   Did you know that to showcase the event, Jonathan Adler designed a Barbie dream home?  You can check it out here:  Barbie

tell me what you think?

Barbie® Doll Celebrates Her 50th Birthday with Souvenir $3 Bathing Suit Barbie® Doll and a Major Birthday Bash at Barbie®’s New,


I think this “sunburst” is super creative! 

Barbie® Doll Celebrates Her 50th Birthday with Souvenir $3 Bathing Suit Barbie® Doll and a Major Birthday Bash at Barbie®’s New,

Barbie’s living room…….notice that chair detail!


now, as much as I think this place is super creative, I am at a loss of anyone I know who would like to live here for real, so not sure what they are going to do with this place.    This next photo is my favorite and would be the “closer” for me should I want to purchase this home.  (still not too tempted though, wink)

Barbie® Doll Celebrates Her 50th Birthday with Souvenir $3 Bathing Suit Barbie® Doll and a Major Birthday Bash at Barbie®’s New,

now, I could live here!  Just give me a cozy pool chair and some blankets for the evening.

(I just want to say, from personal experience, this pool water will be really hard on Barbie’s hair, will most likely need to cut it afterwards because you won’t want to touch it.)

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