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I am humbled

My heart is overflowing………   Thank you to all of you friends and family, new and used :-),  who bless me in this walk we call life.   I am truly grateful you are in my world and honored.   A blessed Thanksgiving to each and every one of you!!


credit to again Flickr   http://flickr.com/photos/7218238@N08/


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Oh My Goodness!!!!

my-favorite-outfit-1I have stumbled upon a blog I adore and wanted to share!!!   Should you want to check it out, go to

http://fabulousfloridamommy.blogspot.com/     Kait Kait and Bailey, a MUST!!!!!

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Carolyn Peeler

An absolutely beautiful image from one of the instructors at Bella that I did not get to learn from.  Unfortunately we are able to only take 5 classes, so I couldn’t take all of the ones I wanted to.   This is a representation of what I love.   Simple, floral, graphics, flourish, an understated beauty.  I want to learn how to photograph like some of these terribly creative people do.  How does she do this!!!!







You can check out her blog at http://carolynpeeler.typepad.com/cut_n_paste/       I have a lot to do today, but if I have time, I will come back to show you a few more photos of which I am referring to.   They just have this vintage modern hue that I adore!!!

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Thinking Snowballs


I just love Flickr!!!   You have something on your mind and you type it in and you get images to represent your thoughts.  So, I am thinking of snowballs.  I have two boxes right outside of my front door at the shop and I don’t like them, but I was thinking maybe if I filled them with “snowballs” it would be a simple representation of winter to welcome people.  I can leave “pretties” for the courtyard.  

So today, I am purposing to find an inexpensive way to make snowballs.   Any ideas?  I know you homegirls like to email me rather than comment here, so go ahead and do that if you have some good ideas at kgray@bloomstudio.us  , but feel free to go ahead and take the plunge into posting a comment right at the bottom of this goofy little post.  🙂  

Also,  if you have a moment, say a little prayer for me.  Today I am going to start my “40 days to make my life the way I see it in my head challenge”    Have a brilliant day!!!

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one way or another………..    We may or may not have it outside, but inside, can be white as snow.  This year for Christmas, I’m loving white, chunky, twiggy, twinkle, and always, COZY.   Here is a picture I found on Country Home that represents a little of what I am talking about.  


I want to wrap up in one of those cozy blankets and just enjoy the soft music playing in my head or maybe one of those wonderful Christmas cds Lisa sent me, thank you.  I do especially love CeCe Winans!

I hope you all are having a cozy weekend!!!

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Modern Extremist

Yesterday my lovely Lisa accused me of being a Modern Extremist, huh???!!   I would say more of a Modern Enthusiast maybe………   Modern Country………..more like it.  

Either way, at the moment, I am kind of giddy.  UPS has just delivered my new wallpaper!!   And I am pleasantly surprised.   Who orders wallpaper online? How can you be sure of the color?   you can’t.   I had no idea that this wallpaper had a metallic hue to it.  And did you know that was exactly what I was looking for?    Do you like it?    It is going in a surprise spot I can’t tell you where now, but watch for pictures in the future, or better yet,  visit?   🙂


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I know you all want to see a peek into the store.  I wish I had some before pictures, but here are a few during pictures, and it is kind of scary around here…………


this is our new front counter and new flooring, it has a temporary countertop at the moment as we are working on a cement countertop/or a cement look countertop, will explain that later.  Plus the counter is going to get a sheen and wait until you see the fabulous chandelier that is going above it.  I also am going to make an artwork for the back wall to cover up the messy studio.  (I am doing this because I don’t know if I will like not having a window, so temporary art is a good solution) 


this will be the coffee shop side of the shop.  Robin “built” this premade table and chairs while I was gone so that I could see what it looked like and he set up the cozy chairs so that our little family could be cozy while we are hanging out here, until we have the real layout done.   The paint looks yellow, but it is a warm caramel.  Lot’s to do still!!!   I need to find some rugs I love.   And window treatments that I love and can afford, this will be one of my hardest tasks as the windows are custom and not normal sizes.   bummer!

Okay, well, here was a peek into our chaos.  I should have shown you the disaster areas, but I want you to think I am fairly perfect.  🙂      Happy Day!!!

Anyone who wants to have fun looking for affordable rugs for me, you can email me at kgray@bloomstudio.us with options.  I am looking for 5×8 about and beiges and browns so that if coffee gets spilled, it will look like part of the art, but also pretty?  I have found a few at Overstock, but not sure.  And for those of you who wonder what affordable is?  I have a super small budget, so I am thinking $300ish, I know, crazy, right!  🙂

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