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Okay, I won’t be too hard on the oak, (give me an oak tree and I will have a picnic), but in the midwest, it is apparently the only option sold for door frames, window trims and moldings.   (or so you would think)

……………………I tried to put a picture here so that you could see what I mean, but if you really don’t know what  I mean, go to any mls site and search for homes in Minnesota, South Dakota, Wisconsin, etc.  You will see what I mean.   And most people around here think you would have to go to confession if you paint the oak.

So,  my dilemma.  I have oak trim everywhere in this building I am in.  I either have to leave it as is, which really isn’t an option.    Paint it, which never looks as good as you would think it should, or replace it, which, my pocket book doesn’t really have room for.     Help?????????????????????????


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Jade Forest Chandelier Alternate View

Studio Wall Shelf

Okay, so dreaming about my studio now…………….You will remember that I love this chair from Pottery Barn and I want two of them in a bad way for my studio.   I love the chandelier, I would get two of them, (they are bigger than the picture really represents) for over my studio island, (anthropologie),  and the wall shelving from Pottery Barn for all of my vases along the whole chalkboard wall, COOL!!!  and then the island from Ballard Designs, I would have somebody build me one of these for my workspace and I would want it 8 feet by 8 feet for the studio.     The flooring would be a handscraped walnut, rough and would have a washed out white harlequin pattern.    I would have an additional table, similar built console style for my delivery table!   Oh,  this is purely delightful and inspiring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    love it!!!

Have a good weekend!   We are going to tile and get ready for paint.

anybody have a good idea for ribbon storage?   email me at kgray@bloomstudio.us    I have probably 200 ribbons usually and so it has to be grand.   I did see somebody used a cd organizer, and that is kind of cool, looking for something functional yet, cool.     BYE!

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groovy graphics

I am loving graphics and love the idea of a panel here or there.   Here is an example of what I mean…..


Okay, so are you getting my hint of what I like here, just bold panels of pattern, on a crisp wall.  I love it!    But I also want to mix in a little bit of “cozy used”   like this…..

now, here is a perfect example of what I mean,  take this next picture and put a bold funky stripe of pattern down the back behind the artwork!!  And………..perfection…..

I would of course have to do an overflowing mirrored container filled with white roses on the table and then of course, something fabulous and soft and whites in the basket, even if it was yarnballs or adorable little kitties!  🙂  although they wouldn’t stay there.

I do think that Cynthia Rowley’s bathroom is totally funky and would love to give Bailey for her bathroom someday!!!  

Now, the only thing missing are some beautiful baubles!!!

Love these chandeliers….

so,  I don’t even like blue, but that little settee above, LOVE it!    just love the lines of it and love this little vignette.    So, today, shamelessly blogging other blogs,  all of the images come from  decorology.blogspot.com   When I get a moment, I must add them to my blogroll, but you should check them out yourself.   Love their taste!!!     Somehow I will be incorporating these things into the new shop.  Somehow, someway, I will be dreaming about it.

Update……..the health inspector came yesterday, (the real one as we had a temporary one, that well, inspired us to delay everything to wait for the real one to come back from vacation.   Anyway.   The good news is we will be painting the kitchen today, and tiling hopefully tomorrow and the bigger messes begin.  On the downside, our 5th kitchen revision has been thrown in the garbage, we don’t even get cupboards in our kitchen because of the NSF thing.   You can email me if you have questions about that.  kgray@bloomstudio.us        Have a day filled with PATTERNS!

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thank you “A Life’s Design”   http://alifesdesign.blogspot.com/




okay then there is this…………..

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continuing education

I found this link on Elements of Style Blog, you can go there from my blogroll…    Anyway,  love this room and because I need to learn how to do this,  you can jump there from here  Eileen Kathryn Boyd

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the Love Dare

We went to see the movie Fireproof this weekend.   It was delightful!!!  Very inspiring and soooooo nice to see a movie that encourages a good marriage rather than enabling strife!   You must see it, make the time.tomorrow is day 1 for us, we will keep you posted.  🙂


I adore you Rob!!

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photo uploading 101

Okay, just trying to figure out how to upload images onto this blog.  So here is a photo of our freshman darling.  Miss Bailey has been driving this weekend, backing up, using mirrors, the whole shebang.  (Except the shebang(ing) into anything part.  🙂   Good job little girl!

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