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all of the above products are offered to us by the delightful Sundance Catalog……….I LOVE their taste.      and now for a new product that I haven’t had the pleasure of smelling yet, but adore the idea and the beauty of them…



you can visit fabreze here, but most of our local hotspots (Target, etc.) should be carrying them…..


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speaking of dysfunctional shows, Bravo!   I do LOVE this guys aesthetic!!   but secretly, mostly I LOVE Zoila.    she makes me smile.  did you get to watch last night’s show?  (I had to mute it alot, which is frustrating, but kid friendly)

jeff lewis design

jeff lewis design2

I love that wall above!!!

and now…….here it is, a kitchen I adore!!!!

jeff lewis design3

now if you want to check out his site, which is probably old, I would imagine these pictures too are old, but still like them, check him out here.

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item of interest

For those of you who noticed the super cool bedroom I posted awhile back…………..with mustardy colors?   check it out because, I don’t have time this moment to go back and get the photo.   there was a pediment above the bed that just made the room:  perfectly modern country.   Well, our friends who make gorgeous pediments for our store, now have an etsy site, and it is our pleasure to bring them to your attention.    LOVE them, and if you do too, let them know.     thanks!!!



check them out here:   the Petite Market

oh yeah, check out August 13th…………..

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I don’t know how I just happened to discover this.  I have googled this so many times trying to figure out when this premiere was coming, but it is here I guess………..tonight is the premiere of the second season of Rachel Zoe and I am super excited.  I find her a fresh inspiration to my designs (while overlooking the dysfunction that comes with her life)  Yeh!


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city beach flea

so I am a little of all the above………..so with all of my favorite magazines falling away, I was super excited to see that some super talented people were working to bring us something new.  


check out their new blog here

and a special thank you to one of my FAVORITE bloggers who brought my attention to this happening, check her out here   thanks Jen!!!


now,     what are you waiting for, GO!   🙂

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one of my favorite things?

BIG art, with textures, and graphics and good colors……..


I would LOVE one of these pieces.  A large 48×48 or even better, 72×72………   

found the art here  (I was wandering)

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I think most everyone knows my husband is Canadian, and so therefore, our children are half Canadian and therefore at least half of everyone we love is Canadian.  It comes as no surprise to me that I LOVE Canadian House and Home………………..    so if I can’t stop hanging out over there, you just blame my family……………..


this to me, defines cottage chic……………..I love the colors, the textures and the little blurb collection of plates on the wall, like they are growing there..


I LOVE the texture of the rug with the ultr modern lighting, and a tent?  are you kidding me, and then just throw in a surf board…………I am there.  I would love for our children to have a super cool lounge area such as this!


and this room, I don’t know why I LOVE it so much……….maybe just the mixture of the vintage pediment, the crisp stripes, the warm mustardyish tone and then BIRDS………..  


I am certain I have posted this image before, probably not that long ago.  But, I LOVE it!!!   If I could own a restaurant, and I dream of that, I would have this look.  The only change I would make is a mix of sparkly chandeliers with my favorite Capiz Shell Chandelier.  Look back in my posts, you will find them……………

Have a blessed day!!!

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